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Professional photo of Jim Gladgo, Broker Realtor in Cabo San Lucas
Jim Gladgo, Broker Realtor

Welcome to Cabo Realty Pros, where the essence of real estate luxury intertwines with the unparalleled natural splendor of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I’m Jim Gladgo, your dedicated partner in the pursuit of discovering the ideal property in this captivating locale.
With over two decades of residency and real estate expertise in the area, I bring forth a deep-rooted understanding and fervent enthusiasm for the real estate landscape. As a confident and seasoned broker, I grant you exclusive access to premier homes and investment opportunities in the Los Cabos and surrounding areas. Whether you envision a beachfront villa, a lavish condominium, or a tranquil retreat with captivating ocean views, my personalized approach ensures a seamless and gratifying real estate journey.
At Cabo Realty Pros, we understand that each client is unique, and their preferences vary. That’s why we offer a team approach, where you have the option to choose a professional whose personality and style resonate with you. Rest assured, regardless of your choice, every member of our handpicked team is meticulously trained to provide exceptional service and attention to detail.
Our specialization lies in assisting clients new to real estate, or seasoned investors wanting to acquire property in Los Cabos. We prioritize fostering of enduring relationships and investing ample time in each client’s individual journey, recognizing the challenges inherent in long-distance property acquisition, while educating them on the cultural and regulatory differences. With our dedicated guidance and oversight, you’ll find the process akin to purchasing a home just around the corner, rather than across borders.
Allow me, Jim Gladgo, or any one of our trained professionals, to serve as your trusted companion as you embark on the exhilarating quest to find your dream home in the enchanting enclave of Cabo San Lucas.